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BACKGROUND The elucidation of gene expression patterns leads to a better understanding of biological processes. Real-time quantitative RT-PCR has become the standard method for in-depth studies of gene expression. A biologically meaningful reporting of target mRNA quantities requires accurate and reliable normalization in order to identify real(More)
Space Agency) is the first satellite mission addressing the challenge of measuring sea surface salinity from space. It uses an L-band microwave interferometric radiometer with aperture synthesis (MIRAS) that generates brightness temperature images, from which both geophysical variables are computed. The retrieval of salinity requires very demanding(More)
In order to address the need for production of parthenocarpic fruits, embryogenic cultures of 'Brewster' ('Chen Tze') litchi derived from leaves of a mature tree were transformed with the PISTILLATA (PI) cDNA in antisense orientation through Agrobacterium-mediated transformation. In four independently transformed lines, transgene integration was confirmed(More)
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