Andrés Armstrong

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The effect of propylthiouracil (PTU; 300 mg/day) on alcoholic liver disease was evaluated in 133 patients in a short-term randomized double-blind trial. Severity of the disease was assessed by a composite clinical and laboratory index (CCLI). A normalization rate (NR) representing the rate of improvement in CCLI was calculated. Patients with alcoholic(More)
The objective of this article is to draw attention to the serious lack of correlation that exists between the detection and specific diagnosis of liver disease in alcoholic patients, based on clinical findings and investigations other than liver biopsy and histologic diagnosis established by that technique.
The purpose of this study was to assess the impact of MALDI-ToF identification and rapid short incubation MALDI-Tof identification protocol on patient care compared to conventional identification. By using a retrospective review we assessed the impact of a rapid Bruker MALDI-Tof identification protocol. Overall there was a 16.76-hour reduction in time to(More)
Beta-blockade in patients undergoing noncardiac surgery has been widely recommended as a way to reduce cardiovascular adverse events during the perioperative period. However, studies have shown contradictory results. Searching in Epistemonikos database, which is maintained by screening multiple databases, we identified 22 systematic reviews comprising 131(More)
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