Andréia Gerniski Macedo

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Organic-inorganic hybrids were tailored as transparent monoliths and as planar waveguides deposited on borosilicate substrates by the spin coating technique. Laser direct writing process was used to create monomode Y-splitters. The Y-splitter structures were designed and optimized for a coupling ratio of 50 % using a beam propagation method (BPM) software..(More)
The CeO2 nanorods (CeNR) promote the oxidation of ethylbenzene (PhEt) and cyclohexene with t-BuOOH, at temperatures as low as 55 degrees C. For both substrates the saturated C-H bonds are preferentially activated over the unsaturated ones. The catalyst seems fairly stable towards leaching phenomena. The liquid-phase oxidation catalysis may be associated(More)
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