Andrée Gruslin

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Maternal obesity results in a number of obstetrical and fetal complications with both immediate and long-term consequences. The increased prevalence of obesity has resulted in increasing numbers of women of reproductive age in this high-risk group. Since many of these obese women have been subjected to hypercaloric diets from early childhood we have(More)
BACKGROUND Pre-eclampsia is a leading cause of maternal deaths. These deaths mainly result from eclampsia, uncontrolled hypertension, or systemic inflammation. We developed and validated the fullPIERS model with the aim of identifying the risk of fatal or life-threatening complications in women with pre-eclampsia within 48 h of hospital admission for the(More)
Appropriate in utero growth is essential for offspring development and is a critical contributor to long-term health. Fetal growth is largely dictated by the availability of nutrients in maternal circulation and the ability of these nutrients to be transported into fetal circulation via the placenta. Substrate flux across placental gradients is dependent on(More)
The usage of stem cells is a promising strategy for the repair of damaged tissue in the injured brain. Recently, amniotic fluid (AF) cells have received a lot of attention as an alternative source of stem cells for cell-based therapies. However, the success of this approach relies significantly on proper interactions between graft and host tissue. In(More)
The amniotic membrane (AM) and amniotic fluid (AF) have a long history of use in surgical and prenatal diagnostic applications, respectively. In addition, the discovery of cell populations in AM and AF which are widely accessible, nontumorigenic and capable of differentiating into a variety of cell types has stimulated a flurry of research aimed at(More)
Background. Serum lipids including total cholesterol (TC), triglycerides (TG), and low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) are increased in pregnancy. Serum proprotein convertase subtilisin kexin 9 (PCSK9) is a significant player in lipoprotein metabolism. Circulating PCSK9 downregulates the LDL receptor on the surface of the liver, inhibiting clearance(More)
Recent evidence indicates that CXCR2 signaling is crucial for cancer progression, and its antagonist SB225002 induces apoptosis in Wilms' tumor cells. Here, we investigated the effect of SB225002 on cell cycle progression and apoptosis induction in vitro, using CDDP-sensitive and -resistant OVCA cell lines with different p53 status (wild type, mutant or(More)
Brain injury continues to be one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. Despite decades of research, there is currently no pharmacologically effective treatment for preventing neuronal loss and repairing the brain. As a result, novel therapeutic approaches, such as cell-based therapies, are being actively pursued to repair tissue damage and restore(More)
INTRODUCTION For women with chronic or gestational hypertension in CHIPS (Control of Hypertension In Pregnancy Study, NCT01192412), we aimed to examine whether clinical predictors collected at randomization could predict adverse outcomes. MATERIAL AND METHODS This was a planned, secondary analysis of data from the 987 women in the CHIPS Trial. Logistic(More)