Andrée Dusserre

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Prostate brachytherapy involves implanting radioactive seeds (I125 for instance) permanently in the gland for the treatment of localized prostate cancers, e.g., cT1c-T2a N0 M0 with good prognostic factors. Treatment planning and seed implanting are most often based on the intensive use of transrectal ultrasound (TRUS) imaging. This is not easy because(More)
Surgery on the prostate and kidney, and other soft organs and tissues, is aided by robots that perform procedures such as needle positioning and insertion. ABSTRACT | Until recently, computer-aided medical interventions (CAMI) and medical robotics have focused on rigid and nondeformable anatomical structures. Nowadays, special attention is paid to soft(More)
The authors describe the different steps of 3-D conformal external irradiation. They mention as well two procedures of isocentric repositioning which are mandatory for the matching of anatomical data: the first one is acquired before the simulation and the second one just before the radiotherapy session.
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