Andréa M. Caricilli

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BACKGROUND Wound healing is impaired in diabetes mellitus, but the mechanisms involved in this process are virtually unknown. Proteins belonging to the insulin signaling pathway respond to insulin in the skin of rats. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to investigate the regulation of the insulin signaling pathway in wound healing and skin repair of(More)
Environmental factors and host genetics interact to control the gut microbiota, which may have a role in the development of obesity and insulin resistance. TLR2-deficient mice, under germ-free conditions, are protected from diet-induced insulin resistance. It is possible that the presence of gut microbiota could reverse the phenotype of an animal, inducing(More)
The authors and editors retract this publication following an investigation into concerns around the data presented in several figures that were brought to the editors' attention. The text below has been agreed to by the editors, the first author (who was a PhD student at the time of publication), the corresponding author and most of the co-authors. All(More)
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