Andréa Iabrudi Tavares

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A new topic of great relevance and concern has been the design of efficient early warning systems to detect as soon as possible the emergence of spatial clusters. In particular, many applications involving spatial events recorded as they occur sequentially in time require this kind of analysis, such as fire spots in forest areas as in the Amazon, crimes(More)
Author name ambiguity is a hard problem that occurs when several authors publish articles with the same name or when a same author publishes their articles under different names. Traditionally, automatic disambiguation methods process the author names of all citation records in a repository. Aiming efficiency, incremental methods disambiguate author names(More)
An undergraduate program must prepare its students for the major needs of the labor market. One of the main ways to identify what are the demands to be met is creating a manner to manage information of its alumni. This consists of gathering data from program's alumni and finding out what are their main areas of employment on the labor market or which are(More)
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