André de Lustrac

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Transformation optics (TO) concept well known for its huge possibility in patterning the path of electromagnetic waves is exploited to design a beam steering lens. The broadband directive in-phase emission in a desired off-normal direction from an array of equally fed radiators is numerically and experimentally reported. Such manipulation is achieved(More)
The concept of transformation optics (TO) is applied to control the flow of electromagnetic fields between two sections of different dimensions through a tapering device. The broadband performance of the field taper is numerically and experimentally validated. The taper device presents a graded permittivity profile and is fabricated through(More)
The objective of the present work is to introduce a new concept of direct dark mode excitation mechanism in a metasurface structure. The dark mode excitation is entirely determined by structures' symmetry and does not depend on hybridization mechanism related to near-field coupling between elements. In our examples we consider single element based(More)
The in-phase radiation from a conformal metasurface is numerically and experimentally reported. The LC-resonant metasurface is composed of a simultaneously capacitive and an inductive grid constituted by copper strips printed on both sides of a dielectric board. The metasurface is designed to fit a curved surface by modifying its local phase. The latter(More)
Metasurfaces presenting a phase-gradient are designed at 10 GHz and are proposed to steer an antenna's radiated beam from broadside towards endfire direction. The metasurfaces are composed of both inductive and capacitive grids and the phase-gradient is achieved by modifying the elements in the inductive grid. Such phase-gradient metasurfaces are utilized(More)
In this paper we address the potential of metallic metamaterials in guided wave configurations to explore the possibility of their use for transformation optics applications in the near-infrared domain (λ = 1.5 μm). The experimentally investigated hybrid metamaterial structure is made of 2D array of 200×50×50 nm gold cut wires(More)
We report the design of a steerable directive antenna using a resonant metamaterial-based subwavelength cavity. The cavity is made of a conventional ground plane and a composite metamaterial acting us a partially reflective surface. The antenna is a rectangular microstrip patch designed to operate near 10 GHz. The composite metamaterial is made of a(More)
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