André Vasconcelos

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Currently organizations, pushed by several business and technological changes, are more concern about Information systems (IS) than ever. Though organizations usually still face each IS as a separately technological issue with slight relations with business domain. This paper discusses the importance of the Information System Architecture (ISA) as the tool(More)
In order to continuously improve its knowledge and to identify problems and possible solutions, an organization requires understanding the way business is aligned with the organizational strategy and how information systems are supporting the business. This paper presents a framework for describing and associating organizational concepts at multiple levels(More)
Although some important technological developments have been achieved during last decade, information systems still do not answer efficiently enough to the continuous demands that organizations are facing – causing a non-alignment between business and information technologies (IT) and therefore reducing organization competitive abilities. This paper(More)
Information system (IS) architectures have not paid enough attention to integration in the past because integration was not important to build ISs from scratch. However, with the variety and number of ISs in medium/large organizations increasing, including ERP systems, the need for integration is bigger than ever. Furthermore, most organizations now want to(More)
aBstract Organizations make extensive use of information systems to support planning, decision making, controlling, and to leverage competitive advantage. Organizations are also complex entities that integrate contrasting concepts such as strategy, people, processes, technology, and information. These concepts must be aligned towards the same purpose to(More)
This paper presents a research project that aims at creating a methodology for evaluating IS/IT Projects in the Portuguese Health Care System. This project is being jointly developed by the Center for Organizational Engineering and a task force from Saúde XXI, the Portuguese Health Operational Program. In order to create a framework on which to base project(More)
In order to ensure that technology supports business needs and that IT investments deliver the desired value, it is fundamental to define an Information System Architecture (ISA) and measure its accurateness to the business model and existing technologies. Thus, in this paper we are concern on evaluating ISA by measuring its qualities (relevant at(More)
This paper introduces advances to the topic of business goal modeling. The major guidelines to the presented work are the increasing of representational power of goal models, the introduction of goal achievement indicators and the development of a methodology for capturing goals and associating them with business processes. Increased representational power(More)