André Van Gossum

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Crohn's disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis are the major forms of chronic inflammatory bowel diseases in the western world, and occur in young adults with an estimated prevalence of more than one per thousand inhabitants. The causes of inflammatory bowel diseases remain unknown, but genetic epidemiology studies suggest that inherited factors may contribute(More)
Video capsule endoscopy that was launched 10 years ago has become a first-line procedure for examining the small bowel. The most common indications for capsule endoscopy are obscure gastrointestinal bleeding, Crohn's disease, polyposis syndromes, and evaluation of patients with complicated celiac disease. The ideal capsule should improve the quality of the(More)
BACKGROUND Addition of glutamine to enteral nutrition formulas is consistently associated with a significant decrease in septic morbidity in critically ill patients, possibly related to the attenuation of gut dysfunction. This pilot study was undertaken to compare the effects of enteral administration of two glutamine-enriched formulas containing either(More)
The small intestine was inaccessible for endoscopy for a long time. It was too far from both mouth and anus and was beyond endoscopist's reach. The history of investigation of the small bowel is quite short. In 1999 Mosse and Swain still stated in their work: " Enteroscopy remains the procedure in the gastrointestinal tract that is most inaccessible to(More)
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