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The present study aimed to gather baseline information about chimpanzee nesting and density in Lagoas de Cufada Natural Park (LCNP), in Guinea-Bissau. Old and narrow trails were followed to estimate chimpanzee density through marked-nest counts and to test the effect of canopy closure (woodland savannah, forest with a sparse canopy, and forest with a dense(More)
In this work, we studied the ecological interactions between grape berry microorganisms and Drosophila sp. flies involved in sour rot disease during grape ripening. After veráison the total microbial counts of grape berries affected by sour rot increased from about 2 log CFU/g of berries to more than 7 log CFU/g. Berry damage provoked a clear shift in yeast(More)
The wine spoilage yeast species Dekkera bruxellensis, after inoculation in red wines, displayed three survival patterns characterized by: i) initial lag phase followed by growth and sequential death; ii) initial death phase leading to reduced viable counts followed by growth and sequential death; and iii) death phase leading to complete loss of viability.(More)
The present article is divided into four parts. I will begin by distinguishing three meanings of exteriority, so as to illuminate Lévinas' own concept of exteriority, as expounded in the essay Totality and Infinity and with which the terms otherness and experience are associated. I phrase it in this way so as to avoid specifying each of these terms, which I(More)
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