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—A complete multitemporal landslide inventory, ideally updated after each major event, is essential for quantitative landslide hazard assessment. However, traditional mapping methods , which rely on manual interpretation of aerial photographs and intensive field surveys, are time consuming and not efficient for generating such event-based inventories. In(More)
Surface fissures are important indicators for slope instability and their patterns reveal information about the distribution of strain and mechanical processes. The increasing availability of sub-decimeter resolution aerial images may enable the detection and mapping of such features with imagery. This study combines Gaussian matched filters and first order(More)
—Active learning (AL) algorithms have been proven useful in reducing the number of required training samples for remote sensing applications; however, most methods query samples pointwise without considering spatial constraints on their distribution. This may often lead to a spatially dispersed distribution of training points unfavorable for visual image(More)
Although agreement between the annotators who mark feature locations within images has been studied in the past from a statistical viewpoint, little work has attempted to quantify the extent to which this phenomenon affects the evaluation of foreground-background segmentation algorithms. Many researchers utilize ground truth (GT) in experimentation and more(More)
Since vegetation in urban areas delivers crucial ecological services as a support to human well-being and to the urban population in general, its monitoring is a major issue for urban planners. Mapping and monitoring the changes in urban green spaces are important tasks because of their functions such as the management of air, climate and water quality, the(More)
Active learning (AL) is a powerful framework to reduce labeling costs in supervised classification. However, spatial constraints on the sampling design have not yet received much attention and still pose problems for the application of AL on remote sensing data. In this study such issues are addressed in the context of landslide inventory mapping and it is(More)