André Strittmatter

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The success of advanced quantum communication relies crucially on non-classical light sources emitting single indistinguishable photons at high flux rates and purity. We report on deterministically fabricated microlenses with single quantum dots inside which fulfil these requirements in a flexible and robust quantum device approach. In our concept we(More)
We report on enhancing the photon-extraction efficiency (PEE) of deterministic quantum dot (QD) microlenses via anti-reflection (AR) coating. The AR-coating deposited on top of the curved microlens surface is composed of a thin layer of Ta 2 O 5 , and is found to effectively reduce back-reflection of light at the semiconductor-vacuum interface. A(More)
—Semiconductor laser diodes (LDs) typically use lattice matched epitaxial layers as waveguide cladding materials. We describe a new LD architecture in which the upper cladding layer is replaced with an evaporated or sputtered nonepitaxial material. Designs and results are presented for 415-nm InGaN LDs that use indium tin oxide, silver, or a(More)
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