André Sampaio

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One important role of Enterprise Architecture aims at modeling enterprise artifacts and their relationships, ranging from the high-level concepts to physical ones such as communication networks and enterprise premises. As it is well known, these artifacts evolve over time, as well as their relationships. The dynamic nature of such artifacts has been a(More)
Dopamine-mediated neurotransmission imbalances are associated with several psychiatry illnesses, such as schizophrenia. Recently it was demonstrated that two proteins involved in dopamine signaling are altered in prefrontal cortex (PFC) of schizophrenic patients. DARPP-32 is a key downstream effector of intracellular signaling pathway and is downregulated(More)
  • A. Sampaio
  • 2007
Many important discussion and theoretical reasoning has been done about software evolution, notably, in connection with biological evolution. Species are the units used by biologists to measure variety of forms and study evolution and taxonomies are the way to express relations between species. In this paper the author relates classification of species with(More)
This paper presents a case for the development of an Enterprise Architecture (EA) in a private bank. Architectural Blueprints are generated on-the-fly based on information collected from information sources. Such blueprints are integrated in the bank´s intranet and are the entry point not only for the technical documentation of the bank´s IT, but also for a(More)
The detection of supernumerary marker chromosomes (SMCs) in prenatal diagnosis is always a challenge. In this study, we report a paternally inherited case of a small SMC(15) that was identified in prenatal diagnosis due to advanced maternal age. A 39-year-old woman underwent amniocentesis at 16 weeks of gestation. A fetal abnormal karyotype - 47,XX,+mar -(More)
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