André S. R. Kuramoto

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A comparison of the effectiveness between five different methods to generate excitation input signals for the identification of ill-conditioned processes is presented. Evaluation is made using a 2x2 MIMO model of a high purity distillation column. Results are analysed using a proposed factor, which evaluates dispersion of the system output plane.
This paper deals with a quasi-synchronous code division multiple access (QS-CDMA) system with a multiple processing gain (MPG) variable data rate scheme in the uplink direction and subject tomultipath fading channels. An analytic expression is obtained for the signal-to-noise plus interference ratio (SNIR) at the Rake receiver output (finger). In order to(More)
In this work Walsh–Hadamard, QS, Lin–Chang, LCZ-GMW, ZCZ sets of sequences are compared. The comparison is accomplished by analyzing the conventional receiver (Rake) and a parallel interference canceller (PIC) receiver performance using each one of these sequence sets in a multipath Rayleigh fading channel and similar system loads in quasi-synchronous(More)
In this paper we have proposed a multi-code Group-Wise Successive Interference Cancellation (MC-GSIC) CDMA topology, adapted for multipath fading channels; particularly, we have analysed the performance under COST259DCM channels via Monte Carlo simulation (MCS).
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