André Süß

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The mole vole Ellobius lutescens is an interesting animal, not only concerning its sex determination mechanism without the Y-chromosomal Sry gene, that triggers sex determination in nearly all other mammalian species, but also regarding the karyotype with an odd number of chromosomes, being identical in male and female animals. The odd chromosome represents(More)
We consider the class of non-linear stochastic partial differential equations studied in [3]. Equivalent formulations using integration with respect to a cylindrical Brownian motion and also the Skorohod integral are established. It is proved that the random field solution to these equations at any fixed point (t, x) ∈ [0, T ]×R is differentiable in the(More)
In this article we present a way of treating stochastic partial differential equations with multiplicative noise by rewriting them as stochastically perturbed evolutionary equations in the sense of [26], where a general solution theory for deterministic evolutionary equations has been developed. This allows us to present a unified solution theory for a(More)
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