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We have used electron microscopic autoradiography to quantitatively study receptor-mediated endocytosis of [125I]insulin in freshly isolated monocytes from patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus. In obese, non-obese, and lipoatrophic patients with diabetes, internalization of [125I]insulin was impaired at 30 min of incubation at 37 degrees C.(More)
A semi-implicit time integration algorithm developed earlier for a barotropic model resulted in a n appreciable economy of computing time. An extension of this method to baroclinic models is formulated, including a description of the various steps in the calculations. In the proposed scheme, the temperature is separated into a basic part dependent only on(More)
An abnormality was detected in the morphology of the cell surface of Epstein-Barr virus-transformed lymphocytes of patients with genetic forms of insulin resistance. In cells from two patients with leprechaunism and two patients with type A extreme insulin resistance, scanning electron microscopy demonstrated a decrease in the percentage of the cell surface(More)
When freshly isolated hepatocytes are incubated with [125I]insulin in the presence of the microtubule-disrupting agent colchicine, internalization of the labelled hormone is not significantly altered. However, the drug limits the endocytosis of the labelled material to a peripheral band of cytoplasm extending 1 micron beyond the plasma membrane. Both in the(More)
In dogs with gastric fistulae (GF) and Heidenhain pouches (HP), intravenous graded doses of prostacyclin (PGI2) (dose range: 2.5–20 μg/kg/hr), and prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) (dose range: 10–80 μg/kg/hr) produced a dose-dependent inhibition of acid and pepsin secretion stimulated by pentagastrin (3 μg/kg/hr). The ID50 (dose inhibiting acid output by 50%) were 6(More)
Much data suggest that receptor-mediated endocytosis is regulated in states of hormone excess. Thus, in hyperinsulinemic states there is an accelerated loss of cell surface insulin receptors. In the present experiments we addressed this question in hypoinsulinemic states, in which insulin binding to cell surface receptors is generally increased. In(More)
Most clinical studies of the insulin receptor in man have been carried out in circulating cells, mainly monocytes. It is important to establish whether the function of the insulin receptor in blood cells reflects that of the major target tissues. Since peripheral monocytes do not divide, they cannot be studied under continuous cell culture conditions. We,(More)
The paper describes the different methods, used in the MAGIC experiment, to unfold experimental energy distributions of cosmic ray particles (grays). Questions and problems related to the unfolding are discussed. Various procedures are proposed which can help to make the unfolding robust and reliable. The different methods and procedures are implemented in(More)