André Ricardo e Silva

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Formulations in matrix of sodium alginate (pellets) of the nematode predatory fungi Duddingtonia flagrans and Monacrosporium thaumasium were evaluated in the biological control of sheep(More)
Angiostrongylus vasorum is a nematode that parasitizes domestic dogs and wild canids. We compared the predatory capacity of isolates from the predatory fungi Duddingtonia flagrans (AC001),(More)
The predatory capacity of nematophagous fungi Duddingtonia flagrans (AC001), Monacrosporium thaumasium (NF34a), M. appendiculatum (CGI), M. sinense (SF53), Arthrobotrys conoides (I-40), A. cladodes(More)
Protease production from Duddingtonia flagrans (isolate AC001) was optimized and the larvicidal activity of the enzymatic extract was evaluated on infective horse cyathostomin larvae (L3).(More)
The potential role of companion animals as reservoirs for zoonotic diseases has been recognised as a significant public health problem worldwide. Ancylostoma ceylanicum is the only ancylostomatidae(More)