André Reynaldo Santos Périssé

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Insecticide Treated Nets (ITNs) are an important tool for malaria control. ITNs are effective because they work on several parts of the mosquito feeding cycle, including both adult killing and repelling effects. Using an elaborated description of the classic feeding cycle model, simple formulas have been derived to describe how ITNs change mosquito(More)
BACKGROUND Mercury is an immunotoxic metal that induces autoimmune disease in rodents. Highly susceptible mouse strains such as SJL/N, A.SW, B10.S (H-2s) develop multiple autoimmune manifestations after exposure to inorganic mercury, including lymphoproliferation, elevated levels of autoantibodies, overproduction of IgG and IgE, and circulating immune(More)
Low bone mineral density (BMD) is a predictor of cardiovascular mortality, suggesting that osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease may share common risk factors. We assessed the relationship between BMD and intimal medial thickening (IMT) of the common carotid artery, a marker of sub-clinical atherosclerosis, in 471 women examined as part of the San Antonio(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine variability in responses from institutional review boards (IRBs) to submission of a proposed minimal-risk survey. METHODS Identical research proposals to obtain information concerning beliefs about the needs of victims of intimate partner violence via surveys were submitted for IRB approval to three institutions in the Baltimore(More)
The Brazilian HIV/AIDS epidemic is concentrated among men who have sex with men (MSM), however HIV testing rates among MSM are not commensurate with their risk. Strategies to expand early diagnosis may include use of self-conducted home-based testing kits, which are now available for purchase in the US. In April 2011 we conducted a survey with Brazilian MSM(More)
During a dengue epidemic in Rio de Janeiro in 2007-2008 the Instituto de Puericultura e Pediatria Martagão Gesteira Hospital was a reference for admitted children. The World Health Organization (WHO) considered several manifestations as warning signs of severe dengue This is a retrospective cohort study of all children admitted with dengue fever. Clinical(More)
BACKGROUND Noise is an important occupational hazard worldwide and hypertension a well-known risk factor for cardiovascular disease, which is currently the greatest cause of disability retirement worldwide. The association between noise exposure and auditory effects is well documented in the biomedical literature, but the same is not true about exposure to(More)
BACKGROUND Patients admitted to intensive care units (ICUs) are at high risk for acquiring nosocomial infections. We examined the association between markers of severity of illness at ICU admission and the development of ICU-attributable nosocomial infections. METHODS Retrospective cohort study of 851 patients admitted to the medical or surgical ICU in an(More)
OBJECTIVE We investigated the hypothesis that partner-specific characteristics are important to improve an individual's risk characterization. DESIGN It has been shown that the egocentric network structure is important to establish a person's risk for infection. METHODS The study was cross-sectional in its design and enrolled 1231 volunteers at one HIV(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate supplementary cueing as a technique to increase recall of sex partners in the year before the interview. GOAL Recall of partners beyond those freely recalled. STUDY DESIGN We asked volunteers at a clinic in Brazil to freely recall all regular and casual sex partners in the year before the interview. Then, we used a name generator(More)