André R. Fioravanti

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This paper addresses the H∞ dynamic output feedback control design problem of discrete-time Markov jump linear systems. Under the mode-dependent assumption, which means that the Markov parameters are available for feedback, the main contribution is on the complete characterization of all full order proper controllers such that the H∞ norm of the closed loop(More)
This paper addresses the H∞-stability of linear fractional systems with multiple commensurate delays, including those with poles asymptotic to the imaginary axis. The asymptotic location of the neutral chains of poles are obtained, followed by the determination of conditions that guarantee a finite H∞ norm for those systems with all poles in the left(More)
Classical proper PID controllers are designed for linear time invariant plants whose transfer functions are rational functions of s , where 0 < α < 1, and s is the Laplace transform variable. Effect of input–output time delay on the range of allowable controller parameters is investigated. The allowable PID controller parameters are determined from a small(More)