André Postma

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Software architecture is important for large systems in which it is the main means for, among other things, controlling complexity. Current ideas on software architec-tures were not available more than ten years ago. Software developed at that time has been deteriorating from an architectural point of view over the years, as a result of adaptations made in(More)
Software architecture plays a vital role in the development (and hence maintenance) of large complex systems (containing millions of lines of code) with a long lifetime. It is therefore required that the software architecture is also maintained, i.e., sufficiently documented, clearly communicated, and explicitly controlled during its life-cycle. In our(More)
In order to respond to changing requirements and advances in technology, system and software architectures must evolve during their lifetimes. Usually, in this evolution, several key components of the architecture are replaced. Achieving successful architecture evolution at a reasonable cost and effort is difficult. It requires many architectural and(More)