André Pinto Cavalcanti

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To evaluate the prevalence of genetic defects in clinically suspected autoinflammatory syndromes (AIS) in a Brazilian multicenter study. The study included 102 patients with a clinical diagnosis of Cryopyrin Associated Periodic Syndromes (CAPS), TNF Receptor Associated Periodic Syndrome (TRAPS), Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF), Mevalonate Kinase(More)
Objective: the aim of this study was to determine the sensitivity (presence of epileptiform discharges in the EEGs of patients with epilepsy) and specificity (absence of discharges in the EEGs in people without epilepsy) of EEG. recordings were performed in accordance with international standards for fixing the electrodes, minimum time of registration and(More)
EEG is a popular, low-cost examination used in neurologic and nonneurologic evaluations. Nevertheless, the diagnostic usefulness of EEG has some limitations, and it may increase medical costs. The manifestations of syncope may lead to misdiagnoses, and frequently, it is mislabeled as epilepsy. An EEG is usually obtained, yet some studies have suggested that(More)
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