André Pierro de Camargo

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In the statement of Theorem 2 of [1], replace (Z + 1))(x, μ(x)) < 1 by Z(1 + (x, μ(x))) < 1. The numbers 2δ and 2.24δ in equations (26) and (28), Lemma 2 of [1], must be replaced by 4δ and 4.45δ, respectively, as we shall explain below. In the equation (42) of the proof of Lemma 2 of [1]we have ζ(x, x) i,j ≤ 2δ η(x) j +d τ = j τ = i 1 |i−τ | ≤ 2δ η(x) [1 +(More)
In the recent paper “On certain Vandermonde determinants whose variables separate” [Linear Algebra and its Applications 449 (2014) pp. 17–27], there was established a factorized formula for some bivariate Vandermonde determinants (associated to almost square grids) whose basis functions are formed by Hadamard products of some univariate polynomials. That(More)
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