André Oliveira

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The PaeLife project is a European industry-academia collaboration whose goal is to provide the elderly with easy access to online services that make their life easier and encourage their continued participation in the society. To reach this goal, the project partners are developing a multimodal virtual personal life assistant (PLA) offering a wide range of(More)
Several aspects of older adults' life can benefit from recent technological developments, but success in harnessing this potential depends on careful design and accessible, easy to use products. Design and development must be centered on the elderly and adequately consider interaction. In this paper we follow this design approach and put it to the test in(More)
Wireless communication technologies are critical for public protection and disaster relief (PPDR) professionals during the emergency operations that follow natural or man-made disasters, scenarios in which commercial terrestrial networks often fail to provide the necessary support. The reason is threefold: they simply get disrupted by the disaster, they(More)
In order to address the elderly population higher levels of non-adherence to medication we present a mobile application to help them with medication management, providing multimodal interaction and context awareness. The application was developed following an iterative method. In each phase we identify some requirements, develop a prototype and evaluate it.(More)
Three hypotheses exist for the bimodal, crosscountry , income distributions emerging in the data since 1960 and dubbed convergence clubs. One is that economies in each mode are interacting with one another – true clubs. A second is that the bimodality is caused by lock-in or 'true contagion' – success at innovations breeds further success, failure breeds(More)
As life expectancy increases, so does the number of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) initiatives. The Living Usability Lab is a user-centered living laboratory aimed at open-innovation and evaluation of new approaches to AAL applications and services, where the different stakeholders may develop and evaluate innovative services for the elderly in near-real(More)
Tourism is a major social and cultural activity with relevant economic impact. In an effort to promote their attractions with tourists, some cities have adopted the open-data model, publishing touristic data for programmers to use in their own applications. Unfortunately, each city publishes touristic information in its own way. A common Application(More)
The Guidelines for the Clinical Care of Patients with Thalassemia in Canada represent an important milestone toward excellence in patient-centred care for all patients and families affected by thalassemia in Canada. Over the years, we have seen significant advances in medical technology, including assessment, monitoring and therapy for thalassemia. These(More)