André Nienaber

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In Bradyrhizobium japonicum, the nitrogen-fixing symbiont of soybeans, we have identified a haem uptake system, Hmu, that comprises a cluster of nine open reading frames. Predicted products of these genes include: HmuR, a TonB-dependent haem receptor in the outer membrane; HmuT, a periplasmic haem-binding protein; and HmuUV, an ABC transporter in the inner(More)
The so-called symbiotic region of the Bradyrhizobium japonicum chromosome (C. Kündig, H. Hennecke, and M. Göttfert, J. Bacteriol. 175:613-622, 1993) was screened for the presence of genes controlled by the nitrogen fixation regulatory protein NifA. Southern blots of restriction enzyme-digested cosmids that represent an ordered, overlapping library of the(More)
OBJECTIVE 1:1 care is applied for patients requiring close psychiatric monitoring and care like patients with acute suicidality. The article describes the frequency of 1:1 care across different diagnoses and age groups in German psychiatric hospitals. METHODS The analysis was based on the VIPP Project from the years 2011 and 2012. A total of 47 hospitals(More)
OBJECTIVE Individuals suffering from mental illness have one to two decades reduced life expectancy. The increased morbidity and mortality is mainly due to cardiometabolic disorders. Despite these numbers, international studies give evidence that diagnoses and treatment of metabolic risk factors in psychiatric patients is insufficient. We assume that in(More)
"Nicht von schlechten Eltern - NischE": A Family Orientated Collaborative Care Approach to Support Children in Families with Mentally Ill Parents The present work describes the setting- and multi-professional offer "NischE" in Gütersloh, a systemic approach for the care of children and their mentally ill parents. Children of mentally ill parents are a(More)
Objective: Evaluation of a project offering low-threshold anonymous counseling services jointly by mental health services and child and youth services to support children in families with mentally ill parents Methods: Evaluating performance data and completed questionnaires returned by parents included in the project. Results: Between 2011-2014, 150(More)
Nursing of suicidal in-patients is a complex and responsible task. A direct and immediate intensive caring and therapeutic supervision, also known as special observation is still recommended in guidelines (DGPPN, 2012) and maybe one of the most used interventions in the caring of suicidal patients in inpatient settings. It involves many kinds to develop the(More)