André Meijboom

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Disease development in flounder (Platichthys flesus) was studied over a period of 3 years in three large mesocosms (40 m x 40 m x 3 m). Two of the mesocosms contained clean sand and the third, sharing a common water circulation with one of the clean-sand mesocosms, was stocked with contaminated dredged spoil. In this way, one of the clean-sand mesocosms was(More)
The biomass of the benthic macrofauna of the tidal flats of the Banc d'Arguin, Mauritania, retained by a sieve of 0.6 mm, has been estimated. The total biomass amounts to about 17.0 g ash-free dry weight (AFDW) m−2 in the area sampled (about 300 km2). The large bivalve Anadara senilis is responsible for 8.1 g AFDW m−2, over 100 other species for another 8.9(More)
In the Waddensea, musselbed distribution and abundance has decreased. Management is aiming at increase of area of beds. Fisheries have been regulated. Mussel beds are slowly recovering, and localities where recovery occurs can be predicted reasonably well. Active restoration of beds has not been necessary, as long as newly formed beds are protected from(More)
Intensive fishing in the Dutch Wadden Sea in the late 1980s and 1990, in combination with the effects of storms and ice and low spatfall, has led to an almost complete disappearance of intertidal mussel beds in 1990. Since then, this habitat type has re-established in only very few places, covering some hundreds hectares at the most. Lack of good spatfall(More)
OBJECTIVE Although self-esteem and overconcern with body shape and weight are considered to be closely connected in bulimia nervosa, little empirical research has been done to investigate the alleged link. METHOD In this study, we examined experimentally whether overconcern with body shape and weight was connected with self-esteem in an analogue sample of(More)
Effects of tidal manipulation, resulting in prolonged periods of emersion and submersion or in protracted tidal cycles, on estuarine benthic animals are reviewed. Prolonged submersion periods did not show effects on mortality of most benthic animals tested, with the exception of the crumb-of-bread sponge Halichondrea panicea, which, at low water-flow rates,(More)
OBJECTIVE Sampling bias due to research settings might be responsible for reported high prevalence rates of electrolyte and serum abnormalities in bulimia nervosa. The aim of this study was to investigate the prevalence of electrolyte and other serum abnormalities in bulimia nervosa patients with normal weight seeking treatment in a community mental health(More)
Previous experimental research on the effects of incorrect intensity expectations of aversive events can be criticized because intensity expectations were not manipulated independently from changes in objective intensity. The present study aims at investigating the effects of incorrect intensity expectations on the immediate and later responses to a painful(More)
In studies of plastic ingestion by marine wildlife, visual separation of plastic particles from gastrointestinal tracts or their dietary content can be challenging. Earlier studies have used solutions to dissolve organic materials leaving synthetic particles unaffected. However, insufficient tests have been conducted to ensure that different categories of(More)
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