André Matos

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PURPOSE Hippocampal atrophy (HA) and signal changes, detected at magnetic resonance imaging, have been associated with intractable seizures. Such a relation has been established by tertiary centers, where the prevalence of more severe cases tends to be higher. We evaluated the clinical and imaging variables that may have relevance to seizure control in(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a classic model of monophasic neuronal and axonal injury, in which tissue damage mainly occurs at the moment of trauma. There is some evidence of delayed progression of the neuronal and axonal loss. Our purpose was to test the hypothesis that quantitative MR imaging techniques can estimate the biologic(More)
In June 2008, the Canadian Association of Radiologists published its Standards for Irreversible Compression in Digital Diagnostic Imaging within Radiology (Canadian Association of Radiologists 2012). The study suggested that at low levels of compression there was no difference in diagnostic accuracy between uncompressed JPEG and JPEG 2000. There were two(More)
The recent developments in image-based rendering have enabled a representation of virtual environments based on a simulation of panoramas, which we call virtual panoramas. Current virtual panorama systems do not provide a natural and immersive interaction with the environment. We propose a new system that uses hardware and software components to provide a(More)
Castleman's disease is an atypical lymphoproliferative disorder that may present as a localized or multicentric form. The involvement of the central nervous system is rare. We describe here a case of Castleman's disease with involvement of the hypothalamus and meninges, presenting as hypopituitarism. Radiological and clinical pathological features are(More)
Among the first image-based rendering systems were the virtual panorama systems. In a panorama, the user can look freely around a point in the virtual environment but cannot move continuously. Several such currently available systems differ in a number of ways, but they all have a few common limitations. Some do not provide a natural and immersive(More)
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