André M. M. Neves

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This work presents the Persona-AIML architecture for the creation of chatterbots in AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) with personality. It is a flexible architecture that allows the use of different models of personality in the construction of chatterbots. Tests with the prototype revealed satisfactory and very encouraging results.
This paper describes the CAMBADA middle-size robotic soccer team for the purpose of qualification to RoboCup'2008. Last year improvements have been made mostly in the vision system, in the high-level coordination and control and in the information integration and localization. Previous experience of some elements of the team in the RoboCup Simulation League(More)
The uncertainty may be classified into two major groups, "objective uncertainty" and "subjective uncertainty". The subject of this article is the decision making under subjective uncertainty. One of the formal models that deal with subjective uncertainty, the Mathematical Theory of Evidence, is extended and its counter-intuitive behavior corrected, allowing(More)
Much of the analytical modeling of morphogen profiles is based on simplistic scenarios, where the source is abstracted to be point-like and fixed in time, and where only the steady state solution of the morphogen gradient in one dimension is considered. Here we develop a general formalism allowing to model diffusive gradient formation from an arbitrary(More)