André Luiz Rodrigues Roque

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We report Trypanosoma cruzi infection in wild and domestic mammals from three orally acquired Chagas disease outbreak areas in Brazil. Cachoeiro do Arari (Pará) displayed a panzootic scenery(More)
The presence of acute Chagas disease (ACD) due to oral transmission is growing and expanding in several South American countries. Within the Amazon basin, the Abaetetuba municipality has been a site(More)
Some Trypanosoma and Leishmania species are multi-host parasites whose distribution overlaps in several parts of the Brazilian Amazon basin. Despite being a common trait among wild mammals, mixed(More)
Thrichomys apereoides, a caviomorph rodent species common in a highly endemic area for Chagas disease in Brazil, may act as reservoir of the parasite. However, no information is available concerning(More)