André Luiz Martinez de Oliveira

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Within Gastropoda, limpets (Patellogastropoda) are considered the most basal branching taxon and its representatives are thus crucial for research into evolutionary questions. Here, we describe the development of the neuromuscular system in Lottia cf. kogamogai. In trochophore larvae, first serotonin-like immunoreactivity (lir) appears in the apical organ(More)
Information gleaned from soil microbiota may provide access to new economically important species. Here, we describe the isolation, identification, and genetic diversity of high-density bacterial populations isolated from aged oil-contaminated soil. Twenty different morphotypes were identified in populations present at densities of up to 107 cells g−1 soil,(More)
The extrusion technology of blends formed by compounds with different physicochemical properties often results in new materials that present properties distinctive from its original individual constituents. Here, we report the use of melt extrusion of blends made from low-cost materials to produce a biodegradable foam suitable for use as an inoculant(More)
The application of agricultural practices in which non-leguminous plants are inoculated with growth-promoting diazotrophic bacteria is gaining importance worldwide. Nevertheless, an efficient strategy for using this inoculation technology is still lacking, and a better comprehension of the environmental factors that influence a plant’s ability to support(More)
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