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In this study, we investigated the effect of biological maturation on maximal oxygen uptake ([Vdot]O(2max)) and ventilatory thresholds (VT(1) and VT(2)) in 110 young soccer players separated into(More)
The objective was to evaluate the metabolic and vascular effects of lifestyle interventions involving a healthy diet and either a moderate- or a high-intensity exercise regimen in nondiabetic(More)
Critical velocity (CV), anaerobic distance capacity (ADC), maximal instantaneous velocity (Vmax), and aerobic inertia (τ) were calculated from two (CV2par and ADC2par), three (CV3par, ADC3par, and(More)
Evidence supports an important contribution of abdominal obesity and inflammation to the development of insulin resistance (IR) and CVD. Weight loss in obese individuals can reduce inflammation and,(More)