André Luiz Fraga Briso

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STATEMENT OF PROBLEM The mechanical properties of the adhesive materials used in intraradicular treatments could vary according to the interaction between the restorative material and dentin substrate. An evaluation of these properties is essential to determine the success of the luting procedures performed on glass-fiber posts. PURPOSE The purpose of(More)
Pigments of food and beverages could affect dental bleaching efficacy. The aim of this investigation was to evaluate color change and mineral loss of tooth enamel as well as the influence of staining solutions normally used by adolescent patients undergoing home bleaching. Initial hardness and baseline color were measured on enamel blocks. Specimens were(More)
OBJECTIVE This study aimed to investigate the surface roughness of composite resins subjected to thermal cycles procedure. MATERIALS AND METHODS Two microfill, four microhybrid and four nanofill composites were used. The surface roughness (Ra) was initially measured in a profilometer using a cut-off 0f 0.25 mm, after 3000 and 10,000 thermal cycles. Data(More)
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