André Luís Branco de Barros

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AIM More sensitive and accurate imaging approaches for early detection and therapy monitoring of lung tumours are needed to ameliorate prognosis and outcome. Lung tumours are known to overexpress(More)
A bombesin derivative was successfully radiolabeled in high labeling yield. Biodistribution studies and scintigraphic images in Ehrlich tumor-bearing mice were performed. This compound showed high(More)
Bone is a dynamic tissue that is constantly remodeled throughout the lifetime to ensure the integrity of the skeleton. Primary cancer cells disseminate into circulation, often extravasating to bone,(More)
Long-circulating and pH-sensitive liposomes trapping (99m)Tc-HYNIC-βAla-bombesin((7-14)) (aSpHL-(99m)Tc-BBN((7-14))) were successfully prepared. Biodistribution studies and scintigraphic images were(More)
INTRODUCTION Acid nucleic aptamers are RNA or DNA oligonucleotides capable of binding to a target molecule with high affinity and selectivity. These molecules are promising tools in nuclear medicine.(More)