André Luís Andrade Menolli

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Keywords: Social tools SECI Communities of practice theory Single-and double-loop learning Software-development company Survey a b s t r a c t Context: New technologies such as social networks, wikis, blogs and other social software enable collab-orative work and are important facilitators of the learning process. They provide a simple mechanism for people(More)
New technologies, such as social networks, wikis, blogs and other social tools, enable collaborative work and are important facilitators of the social learning process. Many companies are using these types of tools as substitutes for their intranets, especially software development companies. However, the content generated by these tools in many cases is(More)
The increasing search for computational solutions to support the decision-making led to the development of new technologies that aim to transform the large volume of data in information and knowledge useful. The data warehousing technology emerged with the aim of structuring the data in the best way possible to facilitate its access, making the process more(More)
—The necessity to improve performance of the processes within organizations, gave rise to many research that apply concepts from educational area in software development companies. Many studies are related to Organizational Learning (OL), an area that helps companies to improve their processes significantly through the reuse of experiences. In recent works,(More)
The ontology development area has received some attention over the years. Methodologies focusing in diverse aspects of ontology development have emerged. Some of these methodologies are consolidated, presenting phases and activities. However, existing methodologies do not fully consider the ontology integration process. Therefore, based on METHONTOLOGY and(More)