André Lemos

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Falling, and the fear of falling, is a serious health problem among the elderly. It often results in physical and mental injuries that have the potential to severely reduce their mobility, independence and overall quality of life. Nevertheless, the consequences of a fall can be largely diminished by providing fast assistance. These facts have lead to the(More)
Currently, a number of studies focus on the study and design of new healthcare technologies to improve elderly health and quality of life. Taking advantage of the popularity, portability, and inherent technology of smartphones, we present an emergency application for smartphones, designated as knock-to-panic (KTP). This innovative and novel system enables(More)
Attitudes toward alcoholism among psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and nursing assistants (464 subjects) were surveyed. A nine-factor questionnaire was utilized (emotional difficulties, character defect, social status, illness conception, harmless indulgence and addiction liability). All groups were(More)
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