André Lang

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We develop a method to create taxonomies in large social networks solely based on users group membership information. We illustrate our technique using an example of the Flickr photo sharing network. This photo sharing community is a social network that enables users to collectively store digital pictures, interact and form groups of interest. Based on our(More)
This paper presents a framework and an intranet solution for an electronic market of human competencies to ease the team building process, as well as to support knowledge and competence exchange. This systems should allow to reduce the transaction costs and time requested at the creation stage of a team, and ensure a higher quality of the selection. We(More)
The current issue concentrates on the Internet as an enabling technology to build virtual companies and virtual products. We have two discussion papers about electronic platforms to support teams and/or virtual company building. The one of Andre Lang and Yves Pigneur focuses on human competencies, the one of Clemens Odendahl, Petra Hirschmann and(More)
The emergence of Web 2.0 technologies has greatly enhanced capabilities of online social networking. Flickr is a social networking platform that enables users to share digital pictures. In contrast to other social networking sites, photos are the basic unit of information exchange in Flickr. We analyse relationships between users with a data set that covers(More)
In this brief tutorial, we provide an overview of investigating text-based user-generated content for information that is relevant in the corporate context. We structure the overall process along three stages: collection, analysis, and visualization. Corresponding to the stages we outline challenges and basic techniques to extract information of different(More)
——————————————————— Abstract In today's extremely competitive environment, companies are investigating new means of increasing profit by implementing so called Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMs). But the needs to continually cut costs and focus on core competencies has led companies to focus on how to improve the supply chain and leverage their(More)
Faced with increased pressure to reduce costs companies in every industry are placing emphasis on procurement as it represents the single largest expense at most organization [1]. Procurement can mainly be performed in three ways: through catalogs, auction or request for proposals. RFPs are seen as the most effective way to identify the price of(More)
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