André Lambert

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MOTIVATION MicroRNAs (miRNA) are essential 21-22 nt regulatory RNAs produced from larger hairpin-like precursors. Local sequence alignment tools such as BLAST are able to identify new members of known miRNA families, but not all of them. We set out to estimate how many new miRNAs could be recovered using a profile-based strategy such as that implemented in(More)
ERPIN is an RNA motif identification program that takes an RNA sequence alignment as an input and identifies related sequences using a profile-based dynamic programming algorithm. ERPIN differs from other RNA motif search programs in its ability to capture subtle biases in the training set and produce highly specific and sensitive searches, while keeping(More)
BACKGROUND Computational biologists use Expectation values (E-values) to estimate the number of solutions that can be expected by chance during a database scan. Here we focus on computing Expectation values for RNA motifs defined by single-strand and helix lod-score profiles with variable helix spans. Such E-values cannot be computed assuming a normal score(More)
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