André Kaelin

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We describe a case of multiple intra-articular masses in the glenohumeral joint of a 15-year-old patient. The patient was treated with arthroscopic excision of the masses and synovectomy. Histological and immunohistochemical studies were consistent with those of a nodular fasciitis. Follow-up examination did not reveal recurrence at 6 months. In this(More)
The aim of this study is to quantify the changes in the sagittal alignment of the cervical spine in patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis following posterior spinal fusion. Patients eligible for study inclusion included those with a diagnosis of mainly thoracic adolescent idiopathic scoliosis treated by means of posterior multisegmented hook and(More)
PURPOSE The treatment of an unrecognized Monteggia lesion continues to pose a therapeutic challenge, as evidenced by the variety of surgical techniques described. Moreover, there are high complication and redislocation rates following surgery. This report concerns a surgical technique to reduce a chronic dislocation of the radial head utilizing an ulnar(More)
Pedicle screw fixation has achieved significant popularity amongst spinal surgeons for both single and multi-level spinal fusion. Misplacement and pedicle cortical violation occurs in over 20% of screw placement and can result in potential complications such as dysthesia, paraparesis or paraplegia. There have been many advances in techniques available for(More)
Analysis of 100 consecutive femoral fractures admitted to our institution revealed an incidence of about 1 fracture per 2,000 children per year. Epidemiologic data may help to promote prevention. Initial treatment was performed by many doctors, thus rendering guidelines to safe and cost-effective management indispensable. In the last decade, growing concern(More)
We report 4 cases of nutcracker fractures of the cuboid resulting from equestrian sport in pediatric population. These lesions are often consistent with a trauma in forced abduction of the forefoot. The particular mechanism of the cuboid fracture due to horseback riding in children is discussed. The methods used to radiographically evaluate the compression(More)
Calcaneus secundarius is an accessory ossicle of the anterior calcaneal facet identified in up to 5% of the population. Calcaneus secundarius rarely leads to symptoms, but its presence may generate pain around the ankle. The purpose of this case report is to describe this atypical accessory ossicle, which can mimic a calcaneonavicular coalition, and to(More)
Developmental dysplasia of the hip and idiopathic clubfoot are common musculoskeletal conditions in the pediatric orthopedic population. Although ultrasound or radiographic screening is generally recommended to rule out occult hip dysplasia, it has been suggested that children with clubfoot should no longer be screened. We report two cases of newborns with(More)
UNLABELLED Low protein intake is highly prevalent among orthopaedic elderly patients. We studied the effects of an isocaloric low protein diet on the resistance to pull-out of titanium rods implanted into rats proximal tibia. Isocaloric low protein intake impairs titanium implant osseointegration, with a decreased strength needed to completely loose the(More)
This study evaluated the outcome of severe cerebral palsy patients (Gross Motor Function Classification System level IV and V) treated by simultaneous percutaneous pelvic osteotomy and intertrochanteric varus shortening osteotomy for hip subluxation or dislocation between 2002 and 2011. Twenty-four patients (30 hips) with an average age of 9.4 years(More)