André Jakob

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Earlier findings on the pathogenesis of tumour hypoglycaemia [15] were confirmed and extended in a second patient with this disease. — A block of hepatic glucose release was found to be the main cause of hypoglycaemia in both patients suffering from large tumours of non-endocrine origin. The free fatty acid level failed to increase upon hypoglycaemia. Low(More)
The aim of this registry is to provide data on age-related clinical features of suspected myocarditis and to create a study platform allowing for deriving diagnostic criteria and, at a later stage, testing therapeutic interventions in patients with myocarditis. STUDY DESIGN AND RESULTS After an initial 6-month pilot phase, MYKKE was opened in June 2014 as(More)
Ames Europe, Slough, B u c k i n g h a m s h i r e 9 .Bayer, L e v e r k u s e n 9 Boehringer, M a n n h e i m 9 Chemie-Gri~nenthal, Sto lberg 9 Ciba, Base l 9 Carlo Erba, Milano 9 Geigy, Base l 9 Hoechst, F r a n k f u r t 9 Hoffmann-La l~oche, Base l 9 Horlicks. W i n d s o r , B e r k s h i r e 9 Hormonehemie, Miinchen 9 NordiMc Insulinlaboratorium, C o(More)
1. Blood glucose, immunoreactive, insulin suppressible and non-suppressible insulin-like activities were determined in rats after the administration of glucose and D-mannoheptulose respectively. The latter caused a marked rise of the blood sugar concentration There was a correlation between blood sugar and suppressible insulin-like activity in all groups of(More)
The endocrine function of pancreaticoduodenal allografts was studied in six dogs and compared with that of normal animals. The grafts were able to prevent the diabetic ketosis that was observed in a control group after total pancreatectomy without following transplantation. — Systemic hyperglycaemia enhanced the insulin release from the transplanted(More)
Tissue Oxygenation in Severe Diabetic Ketoacidosis. K.G.M.M. Alberti, J . Darley, Pauline M. Emerson and T. D.R. Hockaday. Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford. Tissue oxygenation has not been studied in diabetic coma, yet may be an impor tant factor in recovery. In 51 subjects in diabetic ketotic coma we have determined [lactate]/ [pyruvate] (L/P) and(More)
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