André J Snyder

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1. Carotenoids transferred from mother to offspring may enhance the quality of the offspring. Whether such maternal effects occur in guppies ( Poecilia reticulata ) has an important bearing on mate preference evolution. 2. By raising female guppies from birth on different dietary carotenoid levels, we examined the pattern of carotenoid allocation to(More)
Brassicaceae seed meals produce ionic thiocyanate (SCN (-)), a bioherbicidal compound. This study determined the fate of SCN (-) in a field soil amended with seed meals of Sinapis alba, Brassica juncea, and Brassica napus and quantified crop phytotoxicity by monitoring carrot ( Daucus carota) emergence. Meals were applied at 1 or 2 t ha (-1), and soils were(More)
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