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European bio-tech, pharmaceutical and computing companies to pioneer the development of what are likely to become some of the largest and most dynamic sectors of the world economy. Realizing this vision and ensuring a leading role for Euro-pean companies and researchers will require a massive long-term research effort, going far beyond what can be achieved(More)
OBJECTIVE Using multidisciplinary treatment modalities the majority of children with cancer can be cured but we are increasingly faced with therapy-related toxicities. We studied brain morphology and neurocognitive functions in adolescent and young adult survivors of childhood acute, low and standard risk lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), which was successfully(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Topical glucocorticoids with improved benefit/risk ratio are of great interest in dermatology, but there are very few trials directly comparing the efficacy and side-effects of these new preparations. In our study the vasoconstrictor effect and side-effects of two of these new glucocorticoids were evaluated and blanching effect was(More)
The growing incidence of all kinds of skin cancer is a worldwide phenomenon observed in the last decades. Malignant melanoma is of special concern because of its high death rate when in an advanced stage, poor therapeutic response and fast growing incidence. Malignant melanoma is primarily located on the skin and therefore well suited for early cancer(More)
With the Calibration Kit Spectral Fluorescence Standards BAM-F001-BAM-F005, we developed a simple tool for the characterization of the relative spectral responsivity and the long-term stability of the emission channel of fluorescence instruments under routine measurement conditions thereby providing the basis for an improved comparability of fluorescence(More)
The (fractional) amplitudes of low-frequency fluctuations (f)ALFF are popular measures for the magnitude of low-frequency oscillations in resting-state fMRI (R-fMRI) data. Both measures can be directly derived from the spectral power of R-fMRI time courses. Numerous studies suggest that ALFF and fALFF might be used as biomarkers for a variety of diseases(More)
Citalopram and Escitalopram are gold standard pharmaceutical treatment options for affective, anxiety, and other psychiatric disorders. However, their neurophysiologic function on cortico-limbic circuits is incompletely characterized. Here we studied the neuropharmacological influence of Citalopram and Escitalopram on cortico-limbic regulatory processes by(More)
For objective evaluation of the treatment of psoriasis vulgaris standard techniques are desirable. They should be reproducible, sensitive and non-invasive. In this study non-invasive bioengineering techniques, especially high frequency/high resolution ultrasound for measurement of the healing of psoriasis vulgaris were evaluated. Fifty patients with chronic(More)
The need for the traceable characterization of fluorescence instruments is emphasized from a chemist's point of view, focusing on spectral fluorescence standards for the determination of the wavelength- and polarization-dependent relative spectral responsivity and relative spectral irradiance of fluorescence measuring systems, respectively. In a first step,(More)
Bei einer Osteotomie mit größeren Korrekturwinkeln wird die Kapazität des Knochens zur elastischen Deformierung regelmäßig überschritten, so dass die Deformierung der Gegenkortikalis plastisch wird und Frakturen der Gegenkortikalis auftreten, die zum Korrekturverlust der Osteotomie führen können. Eine anteroposteriore Entlastungsbohrung („hinge drill“) am(More)