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We present a number of significant engineering insights on what makes a good configuration for medium- to large-size wireless mesh networks (WMNs) when the objective function is to maximize the minimum throughput among all flows. For this, we first develop efficient and exact computational tools using column generation with greedy pricing that allow us to(More)
As ISPs and telcos converge toward all-IP network infrastructures, the problem of service reliability becomes more acute. In this article, we investigate to what extent DiffServ can provide service protection against optical failures in IP over optical (WDM) networks. For this, we propose two mechanisms: a DiffServ/WDM method and a WDM differentiated(More)
We examine the fair allocation of capacity to a large population of best-effort connections in a typical multiple access communication system supporting some bandwidth on demand processes. Because of stringent limitations on the signalling overhead and time available to transmit and process information, it is not possible to solve the allocation globally to(More)