André G. dos Santos

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This work addresses a subject in the ridesharing area, which consists of drivers offering rides to others and filling the spaces that would be normally empty in their vehicles. In our approach, a person that offers a ride does not need to pass at the origin point of the passenger but just at a point close enough of it. This way, we have an approach closer(More)
In the Container Stowage Problem, a container-ship must visit a sequence of ports, transporting containers. At each port there are containers destined to other ports visited ahead. Upon arrival at a port, the containers with destination to that port must be unloaded. If there are containers on top of them, they must be unloaded and reloaded again. The(More)
A Pesquisa Operacional na busca de eficiência nos serviços públicos e/ou privados ABSTRACT Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have emerged as an attractive and challenging research field. One of the main challenges lies in the constrained energy resources available to sensor nodes. A possible way to save energy is to use a mobile agent to collect the data(More)
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