André Gürtler

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We present a detailed investigation of the propagation properties of beams of ultrashort terahertz (THz) pulses emitted from large-aperture (LA) antennas. The large area of the emitter is demonstrated to have substantial influence on the temporal pulse profile in both the near field and the far field. We perform a numerical analysis based on scalar and(More)
An easy, fast and reliable method was developed to screen hundreds of Epstein-Barr virus-transformed cell lines (lymphoblastoid cell lines, LCLs) for radiation sensitivity that were generated from lymphocytes isolated from young lung cancer patients. The WST-1 test explores the metabolic activity of the mitochondria as an indicator for the vital status of(More)
CONTEXT Radio-sensitivity in normal tissue is characterized by heterogeneity throughout the population and the absence of pre-diagnostic biomarkers. OBJECTIVE We conducted a proteomic approach to search for radiation characteristic protein regulation. MATERIALS AND METHODS Cell lines were 10 Gy irradiated and analysed by 2D-DIGE after 24 h. RESULTS were(More)
Within the extension of new services for mentally ill and disabled peoples outside of inpatient settings, the Landschaftsverband Rheinland (LVR) decided in 1990 to finance day care facilities especially for those patients who could previously not be integrated in the existing community psychiatry service structure due to the severity of their illness or(More)
The authors re-examined 102 patients who had undergone periodontal surgical intervention 1--15 years ago. In 50% the results were good, in 25% they were mediocre, and in 25% they were poor. The results from gingivectomies were better than those from flap operations. The operation results were better in younger patients. The proportion of lost teeth was 14%.(More)