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In (12)C(13)CH(2) 129 vibrational term values up to 10,000 cm(-1) are merged, about 60% of which are newly reported. They are fitted using an effective Hamiltonian with a standard deviation of 0.22 cm(-1). The vibrational assignments and vibrational constants are listed and discussed. The energy pattern is found to be very similar to the one in (12)C2H2(More)
The updated 2009 edition of the spectroscopic database GEISA (Gestion et Etude des Informations Spectroscopiques Atmosphériques; Management and Study of Atmospheric Spectroscopic Information) is described in this paper. GEISA is a computer-accessible system comprising three independent sub-databases devoted, respectively, to: line parameters, infrared and(More)
All known vibration-rotation absorption lines of 13CH12CH accessing levels up to 6750 cm-1 were gathered from the literature. They were fitted simultaneously to J-dependent Hamiltonian matrices exploiting the well known vibrational polyad or cluster block diagonalization, in terms of the pseudo-quantum-numbers Ns=v1+v2+v3 and Nr=5v1+3v2+5v3+v4+v5, and(More)
This study presents a mathematical model by which power output (PO) delivered to the rear wheel during handrim wheelchair propulsion on a roller ergometer can be determined for individual wheelchair-user combinations. PO is calculated from the torque applied to the wheel and its angular velocity. The torque applied is a function of one total internal torque(More)
All 18,219 vibration-rotation absorption lines of (13)CH(12)CH published in the literature, accessing substates up to 9400 cm(-1) and including some newly assigned, were simultaneously fitted to J-dependent Hamiltonian matrices exploiting the well-known vibrational polyad or cluster block-diagonalization, in terms of the pseudo quantum numbers N(s) = v(1) +(More)
A high temperature source has been developed and coupled to a high resolution Fourier transform spectrometer to record emission spectra of acetylene around 3 mum up to 1455 K under Doppler limited resolution (0.015 cm(-1)). The nu(3)-ground state (GS) and nu(2)+nu(4)+nu(5) (Sigma(u) (+) and Delta(u))-GS bands and 76 related hot bands, counting e and f(More)
The internal partition function (Q(int)) of ethyne (acetylene), (12)C(2)H(2), is calculated by explicit summation of the contribution of all individual vibration-rotation energy levels up to 15,000 cm(-1). The corresponding energies are predicted from a global model and constants reproducing within 3σ all 18,415 published vibration-rotation lines in the(More)
A high performance Stark cell has been made of which the essential features are stainless steel plates, 2-mm spacing, electric fields up to 100 kV/cm, field uniformity better than 5 x 10(-5). This Stark cell has been placed at a waist created inside a CO2 laser cavity, so that the beam propagates almost freely inside the cell. Thus we get the high(More)
The equilibrium structure of acetylene (also named ethyne) has been reinvestigated to resolve the small discrepancies noted between different determinations. The size of the system as well as the large amount of available experimental data provides the quite unique opportunity to check the magnitude and relevance of various contributions to equilibrium(More)
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