André Dos Santos Bragança Gil

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Genetic and environmental prenatal factors influencing the fluctuating asymmetry of the a-b interdigital ridge count are examined. From the results obtained we can conclude that fluctuating asymmetry of the a-b interdigital ridge count is poorly influenced by genetic factors. We suggest that fluctuating asymmetry of dermatoglyphics provides a good measure(More)
We have analyzed the a-b ridge count and its fluctuating asymmetry in a sample (331 males and 290 females) from the Basque region of Alava province, Spain. Significant bimanual differences in the a-b ridge count are apparent only for females, and the sexual differences are significant for both hands. A comparison of the results in the Alava Basque(More)
The Guayana Shield is one of the oldest geological formations in South America, ranging from southern Colombia, Venezuela, and the Guianas to the extreme north of the Brazilian states of Amazonas and Roraima. Because of its ancient origin and isolation from other mountain ranges in South America, it harbors a rich flora with high levels of endemism. Recent(More)
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