André Dias

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This work presents a hybrid coordinated manoeuvre for docking an autonomous surface vehicle with an autonomous underwater vehicle. The control manoeuvre uses visual information to estimate the AUV relative position and attitude in relation to the ASV and steers the ASV in order to dock with the AUV. The AUV is assumed to be at surface with only a small(More)
Physical Activity (PA) plays an important role in the health and quality of life of cystic fibrosis (CF) patients, but little is known about their PA in daily living. With the use of accelerometers it is now possible to monitor activity profiles in detail. The goals of this study are to assess feasibility and acceptance of a longer-term use of(More)
BACKGROUND Elderly people obtain significant health benefits from physical activity (PA), but the role of activity patterns has scarcely been researched. The present study aims to describe the patterns of PA among different intensities of activity in elderly people. We assess how patterns differ between more and less active groups ('rare', 'average', and(More)
The paper presents a multi-robot cooperative framework to estimate the 3D position of dynamic targets, based on bearing-only vision measurements. The uncertainty of the observation provided by each robot equipped with a bearing-only vision system is effectively addressed for cooperative triangulation purposes by weighing the contribution of each monocular(More)
Long term wearing of motion and heart rate sensors are essential aspects for longitudinal studies on physical activity measurement studies. We conducted a qualitative study with seven subjects in a total of 13 test sessions to identify usability and handling problems associated with Stayhealth RT3, Actigraph GT1M and Polar RS800 sensors. We found that(More)