André Delplanque

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The aim of this study was to test the potential of proteinase inhibitors to controlChrysomela tremulae, a beetle that causes severe damage in young plantations and in short-rotation intensive culture (SRIC) of poplar. As a first step, cysteine proteinases were determined to be the major digestive proteinases ofC. tremulae and oryzacystatin OCI, a cysteine(More)
We have developed an in vivo assay for progenitor cells of the human tracheobronchial epithelium relying on the transplantation of human prenatal respiratory tissues into severe combined immunodeficiency mice. Engrafted embryonic or fetal open tracheobronchial rudiments are rapidly closed at each end by a neoformed membrane that we named the operculum.(More)
Interactions between epithelial cells and the extracellular matrix through integrins play a key role in the development of the lung by modulating branching morphogenesis, epithelial cell polarization, and differentiation. To determine the role of integrins during the different stages of lung development, we investigated the distribution of eight integrin(More)
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