André Dabrowski

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The long-standing distinction between channels and transporters is becoming blurred, with one pump protein even able to convert reversibly to a channel in response to osmotic shock. In this light, it is plausible that stretch channels, membrane proteins whose physiological roles have been elusive, may be transporters exhibiting channel-like properties in(More)
Define the scaled empirical point process on an independent and identically distributed sequence {Yi : i ≤ n} as the random point measure with masses at a −1 n Yi. For suitable an we obtain the weak limit of these point processes through a novel use of a dimension-free method based on the convergence of compensators of multiparameter martingales. The method(More)
We investigated whether the accuracy of auscultation could be improved with the use of a heart rate meter. Six fetal heart rate (FHR) traces were presented in a random sequence to 30 subjects using a customized computer program in each of three modalities: auscultation by counting alone, auscultation with the aid of an FHR meter, and visual assessment. The(More)
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