André Dória

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The aim of the present study is toinvestigate the genotoxic effect of THzradiation in human peripheral bloodlymphocytes following 20 minutes exposureto 1 mW average power Free Electron Laserradiation in the frequency range 120-140GHz. For this purpose 9 healthy donors wereemployed and cytokinesis block techniquewas applied to study micronucleusfrequency and(More)
Emerging technologies are considering the possible use of Terahertz radiation in different fields ranging from telecommunications to biology and biomedicine. The study of the potential effects of Terahertz radiation on biological systems is therefore an important issue in order to safely develop a variety of applications. This paper describes a pilot study(More)
This paper presents a multi-pronged study of users' location-sharing practices in the context of online social networks. The contribution of this study is two-fold: first it presents a series of insights relating to location-sharing practices, and second it highlights the use of third-person scenarios as a useful method for eliciting privacy concerns and(More)
Motivated by the novel paradigm of participatory sensing in collecting in situ automated data and human input we introduce the Atmos platform. Atmos leverages a crowd-sourcing network of mobile devices for the collection of in situ weather related sensory data, provided by available on-board sensors, along with human input, to generate highly localized(More)
This document analyzes the state of the Internet domain-based routing system, concentrating on Inter-Domain Routing (IDR) and also considering the relationship between inter-domain and intra-domain routing. The analysis is carried out with respect to RFC 1126 and other IDR requirements and design efforts looking at the routing system as it appeared to be in(More)
We describe the design approach of an interactive exhibition called "The Interactive Laurissilva". The exhibition is about Madeira Island's endemic forest, and is composed of 15 sensor-based interactive installations. We discuss the interaction styles that were adopted, reflecting upon the ethnographic observation of visitors and we summarize the lessons(More)
A compact THz Free Electron Laser (FEL) isbeing used to perform irradiation ofbiological samples to investigate possiblegenotoxic effects. In order to evaluate theexact radiation dose absorbed by the singlecomponents of the samples it is necessaryto study the optical properties of thesamples, separating the contributions tothe radiation attenuation(More)
In the fixed energy environment of the e + e − collider DAΦNE, KLOE can measure the cross section of the process e + e − → hadrons as a function of the hadronic system energy using the radiative return method. At energies below 1 GeV, e + e − → ρ → π + π − is the dominating hadronic process. We report here on the status of the analysis of the process e + e(More)
We report the first observation of enhanced coherent emission of terahertz radiation in a compact free electron laser. A radio-frequency (rf) modulated electron beam is passed through a magnetic undulator emitting coherent radiation at harmonics of the rf with a phase which depends on the electron drift velocity. A proper correlation between the energy and(More)